About me

Hi, I’m Chloe, a Product and UX Designer in Los Angeles focusing on implementing user-centered, data-driven, and business-oriented design. I have a background in Digital Marketing, and I am eager to blend my ability to build brands with my user-centric mindset to create impactful, creative design solutions that can change people's lives. 

I have been involved in various stages of end-to-end product releases, from the beginning stages of brand creation to scaling up proof of concepts to high-fidelity MVPs for development. My best work happens when I am crafting up new solutions and championing human experiences in ambitious, collaborative, coffee-drinking, and dog-loving teams.

My Strengths

I got into UX and Product Design because it allows me to be creative, business-oriented, and think psychologically for the user. I’ve since worked on a range of problem areas, including - health, advertising, and social.

Armed with roots in Marketing and Graphic Design, I’m a systematic thinker with 2+ years of experience strategizing between design, engineering, business, and user requirements. I’m always eager to create purposeful designs driven by research.